Web Design

computer code

Day 4

Today we started creating our own web design projects. Firstly we created a drawing of our web page for confirmation by our trainer Emiliano. Once the drawing was okay we started creating the files and coding the layout for our website. I decided to make a one page portfolio website that I could use later. I discovered that CSS is more tricky than it looks and as our trainer mentioned it helps to practice a lot. I am going to continue working on the project we started in class and also take a look at reproducing web pages or magazines layout in HTML/CSS.

I also learned about Flex-box to create layouts, going over the MDN documentation. It seems more handy than using floats for creating layouts. We also did an introduction to JavaScript where we used JavaScript click event handlers to load image backgrounds for an image gallery. I look forward to using JS more in the future to create galleries and dynamic menus.

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