Graphic Design

computer and pencils

Day 1

Today we talked about basic tools in Photoshop, such as how to draw shapes, colour them and how to write text and format it. The trainer also showed us how to set up a document for print. Later we started a small project to see how to use masking in photoshop. Masking is used to blend an image on another background.

Day 2

Today we covered how to select elements, clone parts of the image, how to cut an image from it’s background. How to take away parts of an image. We also covered editing tools like smudge and other tools to bring out more or take out light from a part of the picture. Finally we created a JPEG banner using effects and placing different images together.

Day 3

In day 3 of the class we covered an intro to Illustrator software. We practiced drawing basic shapes and modifying them. Illustrator is a software for working with vector shapes. It is useful for designing logos because vectors keep their quality even when they are stretched.

Day 4

In day 4 we covered Adobe's InDesign software, which is used to create document layouts. We learned to use the basic tools and designed a business card. InDesign seems like the most straightforward software of the three.

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